4CAT: Capture and Analysis Toolkit

Query Syntax

4CAT supports advanced query syntax that you can use to make your search query more precise, much like the syntax Google and other search engines support.

It is however tuned so that search queries are completed relatively quickly, and this comes at the expense of accuracy in some edge cases; more posts may be returned than match your query. In many cases, you can use the analytical post-processors available through 4CAT (such as the Exact Matches analysis) to further narrow down your results.

The following syntax is supported:

Note that for punctuation and non-alphanumeric characters, it is often necessary to wrap them in "quotation marks"; if not, they will be ignored by the search engine.

This is especially important to keep in mind when searching for URLs; if you do not wrap these in quotation marks, their parts will be interpreted as separate words, e.g. http://www.google.com will be interpreted as a query for posts containing http, www, google and com if not quoted.