4CAT: Capture and Analysis Toolkit

What is 4CAT?

4CAT is a software suite for capture and analysis of thread-based platforms, created and run by OILab at the University of Amsterdam as part of the ERC-funded ODYCCEUS project.

It is currently under development. At this time, you can use it to query select boards of 4chan and 8chan. We welcome feedback: mail us at 4cat@oilab.eu.


  1. Result pages now include a preview of the posts found, so you can get a quick impression of what your query returned.
  2. We've upgraded our server hardware and rebuilt the search indexes; the full corpus of posts is now once again available.
  3. Added 8chan as a data source. The boards pol, leftypol, v and brit will be scraped.
  4. Added the lgbt board to the 4chan scraper.